About Exit Tours


Exit Tours Motorcycle Club is called Exit Tours because it is based in Salida, Colorado where the Arkansas River ‘Exits’ the mountains and because Salida means ‘Exit’ in Spanish. ‘Tours’ because we tour the mountains.

The club has been hosting a Dual Sport ride from the Chaffee County Fairgrounds most years since 2012

The purpose of the Exit Tours Motorcycle Club is to create positive recreational riding activities that benefit our club members, their families, friends and our guests.

Exit Tours MC

Our club’s aim is to share fun riding experience with fellow motorcyclists by sponsoring various fun events like Trail Rides, Dual Sport Rides and Adventure Rides in the West.

To work with the United States Forest Service (USFS) and BLM on mutually beneficial projects.

Adopt A Trail

The Club has Adopted Greens Creek in the San Isabel National Forest since 2012 and we maintain trails in the National Forest.

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club participates in charitable causes.

We donate time and funds to local charities as determined by the membership.

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