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  • Exit Tours Motorcycle Club is called Exit Tours because it is based in Salida, Colorado, where the Arkansas River ‘Exits’ the mountains.
  • And because Salida means ‘Exit’ in Spanish.
  • ‘Tours’ because we ‘Tour’ the mountains.
  • The club has been hosting a Dual Sport ride from the Chaffee County Fairgrounds in Colorado most years since 2012.
  • There is no qualifying or probation period to become an Exit Tours Motorcycle Club member and there are no required meetings or work days associated with your membership — just join and ride!

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  • The purpose of the Exit Tours Motorcycle Club is to create positive recreational riding activities that benefit our club members, their families, friends and our guests.


  • The club’s aim is to share fun riding experiences with Like-minded enthusiast’s by sponsoring various fun events like Trail Rides, Dual Sport Rides and Adventure Rides in the Rocky Mountains and the West.
  • To work with the United States Forest Service (USFS) and BLM on mutually beneficial projects.
  • The Club had Adopted Greens Creek and we maintain trails in the National Forest.
  • Exit Tours Motorcycle Club participates in charitable causes.

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