Welcome to Nevada
Welcome to Nevada


The Las Vegas Valley Club Dual Sport Loop Nov 18-19 from the Hoover Dam Lodge to Pahrump and back. With gear portage, Hotel room discounts, Sunday Morning Breakfast. Camaraderie of Like-minded enthisiasts.


Phone compatible GPS tracks and a Chase truck. T-shirt included. Associate member Club ride for only $325.


Any competent rider can Join. No workdays or Politics. Ride a creative route you would not do on your own, the weekend before Thanksgiving.


On Saturday the Las Vegas 300 heads southwest over dirt roads, dry lake beds, epic sandwashes and over mountains, up little used 2 track and on old mining roads, to the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Casino in Pahrump, NV.


The club will portage your gear to the Hotel in Pahrump. You can dine, drink, gamble if you wish, enjoy the camaraderie of Like-minded enthusiasts and spend Saturday night in Pahrump,NV.


Pahrump Nugget Parc Ferme
Pahrump Nugget Parc Ferme

The ride on Sunday to the Hoover Dam Lodge crosses a high Mountain Pass, then down a remote valley. Then follows dirt roads to your choice of 3 routes.


Longer and scenic avoiding North Las Vegas entirely, a bit shorter and challenging to North Las Vegas, or an easier route with more pavement around North Las Vegas.


2 of the loops can end with a bit of challenge over the mountains to Boulder City and the Hoover Dam Lodge.


Hoover Dam Lodge
The Hoover Dam Lodge blends in well with its environment

The Hoover Dam Lodge is located at: 18000 US-93, Boulder City, NV 89005

Google Map Location for the Hoover Dam Lodge





The Las Vegas 300 is a Low key, no hassle, high adventure fun Club Dual Sport ride where you will enjoy the camaraderie of your like-minded enthusiasts.


On Monday Nov 20 we will move with out support vehicles to the Delight’s Hot Springs on the Nevada border in California. You can enjoy a shirt 35 mile ride to an old mine, visit the China Ranch Date Farm and soak in the Hot Springs in Tecopa, California near Death Valley if you wish.


Death Valley
DV on a hillside near the NV/CA border
China Date Ranch in Tecopa, CA
Old Truck at the China Ranch Date Farm in Tecopa, CA
Hot Springs Pool at Delights Hot Spring
Hot Springs Pool at Delight’s Hot Spring
North Las Vegas at the LVMS
North Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Fuel Stops are available both days at less than 80 miles, as are stops at local watering holes and Taverns on the route if you leave early.


The shadows start to long in Nevada in November by 3 pm, so we suggest leaving no later than 8 AM.


Hoover Dam Lodge & Casino
Hoover Dam Lodge & Casino

Sign-in for the Las Vegas Valley Loop will take place Friday, November 17 in the afternoon & evening at the Hoover Dam Lodge.


A few riders in 2020 in front of Lake Mead
A few riders in 2020 in front of Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam Lodge & Casino

Saturday morning we will have a riders meeting at 6:30 & 7:30 AM and commence with the ride to the Pahrump Nugget.

(You only need attend one meeting)


Jean Dry Lake
Jean Dry Lake from McCullough Pass


The Club will portage your overnight gear to Pahrump for Saturday.

Hotel Rooms Discounts and Lodging Info is here:

Read more on Lodging


Thanks for Visiting Pahrump
Thanks for Visiting Pahrump

Sunday morning we will have breakfast and a riders meeting at 7 AM.


Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino
Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino


Sunday Day 2 we’ll have Riders meeting and Breakfast at 7 AM and we’ll head north and east over the mountains on the highest pass of the weekend and around the city of lights and action back to the Hoover Dam.


View from the top of Wheeler Pass
View from the top of Wheeler Pass
Wheeler Pass at 7,700 feet above sea level


The Las Vegas Valley Loop uses 2 track, dirt roads and jeep trails which crosses a variety of terrain…mountains, valleys, rocks and desert to make a challenging and interesting ride for all.


Wild Burros outside of Indian Springs
Wild Burros outside of Indian Springs


The route is suitable for Dual Sport and licensed dirt bikes with proper liability insurance. This route is not suitable for beginners. If your up for a Challenge, bring your Adventure Bike. With Knobby Tires for the Sand.


This Club ride is limited to 70 riders. Any competent rider can join Exit Tours MC.


  • No qualifying, no required meetings, no required work parties, no politics.
  • Just sign-up and you’re in.


2022 Las Vegas 300 sticker


Since this event will be the last of the season event, you can join as an associate member for only be $325 which will include:

  • Exit Tours MC Associate membership
  • Ride with GPS Tracks
  • Ride with GPS Club membership
  • Sunday breakfast
  • Luggage portage
  • Chase truck
  • Discounted lodging
  • T-shirt, stickers and participant pin.
  • Camaraderie of Like-minded Enthusiasts.


Delight Hot Sprins Resort
Delight’s Hot Springs Resort


As an option on Monday the 20th, some may go to Tecopa, CA, with their transport vehicles, to Delights Hot Springs Resort, ride and to spend the night and soak in the Hot Springs.

Read More about Delight’s Hot Springs


Old U-Wash Laundromat in Tecopa, CA
Old U-Wash Laundromat in Tecopa, CA


From Tecopa on Monday you can ride to an interesting old abandoned mine near an old RR right of way, the China Ranch Date Farm, and Death Valley is nearby. This loop to the mine and Date Farm is around 35 miles.


Gunsite Mine
Gunsite Mine near Tecopa, CA.


For those heading back to California, this is a shorter path back to Baker and I-15 after your stay in the Las Vegas area.

In addition, the LA2B2V (Los Angeles to Barstow to Vegas) Dual Sport ride is the following weekend, which could make for an epic road trip if you were to do both?


Road Trip to Nevada in November
Road Trip to Nevada in November


Despite Covid restrictions, this event occurred in 2020 & 2021 and in ’22 and offered the opportunity for Dual Sport riders to enjoy the Las Vegas Nevada area.

Get away the week before Thanksgiving and ride.


Start Sunday Morning from the Pahrump Nugget
Start Sunday Morning from the Pahrump Nugget


This is an Outstanding Loop you would not do or put together on your own.

  • This Las Vegas Valley Loop was established by Ross Williams and Chuck Sun, both extremely experienced riders.
  • Mr. Williams owns The Sawmill Station in Clayton, ID and is an accomplished Motocross racer.
  • Chuck Sun was the 1980 500cc Nat’l MX champion and a member of the 1981 MXdN team, helping to establish the US dynasty at the Motocross des Nations.




Exit Tours MC of Colorado will host the Las Vegas 300 (LVVL300) with special thanks and appreciation to Ross and Chuck.

Come enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiast’s and EXCELLENT riding on this Club Dual Sport adventure.







LV 300 July sign up





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